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Now Start Enjoying M.Sc. Mathematics with Global Expert of Mathematics Gautam Singla Sir. Mathematics is not an easy term especially when it comes to Masters in Mathematics. It is a domain of education whose coaching is rare at such a upper level of academics. With the course of time Mathematics Expert Gautam Singla sir observed and feel that there must be a platform which can reach easily to Masters and Graduation students easily and in an abstract way so that they can learn mathematics from there home. This is a futuristic approach and highly beneficial for those students who are doing their studies by distance education. Such students do jobs and does not have any fixed time for study, but now with the app of Gautam Singla sir they need not to find teachers there search is over with this app and they can do study whenever they want. Not only mobile app but Gautam Singla Sir is offering live support to students who has difficulty in understanding some topic from video tutorials recorded by him.

Experienced Global Educator

Gautam Singla Sir is Famous as an Expert of Mathematics for Higher Education. Gautam Singla Sir is Helping and Guiding Thousands of Students From different Parts of India as well as Globally. Gautam Singla Sir is also Honored by DST of India, UGC of India, ZIIEI Award by HDFC Bank, SJF Awards .

App for M.Sc. Mathematics

India’s First Learning App for All M.Sc. Mathematics Live Coaching+ Recorded Lectures + Complete Study Notes + Full Online Support +Guidance. The one and only dedicated platform for M.SC Mathematics coaching in India which covers almost all universities syllabus in a highly understandable approach with professional touch and 24X7 support. Gautam Singla sir emerges as the best M.SC Mathematics coaching provider in Chandigarh as well as in whole India. Gautam Singla sir is highly talented Mathematician with years of teaching experience. He is highly appreciated and widely accepted by students of M.Sc Mathematics for his simple approach and the way he explained things.

Sailent Features
In Detail Explanation Whether you are out of touch with your studies for years, after watching Gautam Singla Sir's video on any topic of mathematics you will memorize all the previous connected topics as he explained every single thing from bottom to top without skipping any single small bit.
Bespoke Courses No matter from which university yu are doing your M.SC mathematics, it does not matter whether youa are doing it from regular or distance, we designed courses as per your university and as per domain selected. Not a single topic has been missed for any university for which we are offering our course.
Support If you have any kind of problem in understanding any topic you will get a frequent support directly from Gautam Singla Sir, By phone or by whatsapp or by Gautam Singla Sir App or by email. We also put a 24X7 chat support at our website.

Why to Choose Gautam Singla Sir for M.Sc Mathematics Coaching in India?

Gautam Singla Sir is highly experienced M.SC Mathematics teacher. He gave coaching to almost all university students for M.SC mathematics so he has a strong grip on the syllabus and examination culture of various universities. He teach thousands of students of M.Sc Mathematics in his career. His vision about mathematics is highly appreciated by Mathematics scholars.


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India’s First Learning App for All M.Sc. Mathematics Live Coaching+ Recorded Lectures + Complete Study Notes + Full Online Support +Guidance

Benefits of the app

  • M.Sc Mathematics Coaching Available across nation for all universities under one platform.
  • WhatsApp/ Email Supoort
  • Telephone Doubt Handling
  • 24X7 Assistance by App
  • Students can ask any doubt freely if they got
  • Helpline:- 7404406282(WhatsApp)